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Our Mission and Values

To protect the world from Spymail.

Every day, enterprise inboxes are being infiltrated by Spymail to steal private information endangering companies and their employees. At MailControl, we are committed to protect the privacy of enterprises around the world from these attacks.

To stay ahead in this fight against Spymail, every single day we strive to be:

Our Story

It all started with a stranger’s call. “I know you are in the Marriott. I’m downstairs.”

Our founder, Paul Everton, was in the Marriott in San Francisco, when he received a call from someone saying, “I know you are in the Marriott. I’m downstairs. Can I have 10 minutes of your time?”

Appropriately creeped out, Paul went on to find out how this person knew his physical whereabouts. In a light bulb moment, he realized that marketing email trackers had morphed into something scarier – with real impact on individual and enterprise safety and privacy.

As Paul immediately started coding a solution for himself, he asked Chad Gilles, the partner at a local IP firm to check into the space. Chad was so surprised that such an important space was wide open, he left his employer and joined MailControl to focus full-time on building the extensive patent portfolio to ensure Paul’s solution would be enduring.

Now, when we install this technology on our clients, they are shocked to see over 40% of all their emails are being tracked, with over 1% being individuals tracking individuals (high-risk).

This is just the prologue for MailControl. We are writing the rest of the story right now!



Paul Everton


Paul is an experienced entrepreneur and executive with a 17+ year demonstrated history of working in the information technology, security and SaaS industry. Prior to MailControl, he founded Konverse.com, an employee development platform, and Visible Vote, an online platform for open dialogue between constituents and Senators & Congressmen. Paul has also served in key leadership positions in several cybersecurity firms. In 2007, Paul’s company Visible Vote won the prestigious Chicago Innovation Award.

Paul holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Information Security from Georgia Institute of Technology, and presently serves on the advisory board of the same institute.


Mark Grazman

Chief Operating Officer

Mark is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with an established track record of launching, scaling, and leading successful companies. Over his 20+ year career he has founded companies, driven strategic business development and growth, brought innovative solutions from concept to revenue, and managed corporate business units.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Public Policy and Literature from Duke University.


Dan Alting

Vice-President Sales

Dan has 14+ years of sales and marketing experience in cybersecurity and internet technology sectors. Prior to MailControl, he served in key leadership positions at Veritas Technologies, Mimecast, and Sophos. Dan is a graduate of Clark University.


Amy Margrave

Director of Finance & Accounting

Amy has 5+ years of experience in finance, accounting and auditing. Prior to MailControl, she has worked as a Financial Analyst at Abbot and as an Audit Associate at PwC France. She also serves as a Finance & Accounting Consultant with Konverse.com. Amy holds a Masters degree in Finance from the KEDGE Business School and a Bachelors degree in Finance from DePaul University


Sean Broderick

Vice President of Channels

Sean is responsible for developing and executing MailControl’s channel and partnering strategy. He has over 18 years of partnering experience in the technology and security industry. Sean joins MailControl, from Mimecast North America where he was responsible for developing and leading the channel strategy. Prior to Mimecast, Sean held channel and leadership positions with Iron Mountain Digital and Connected, acquired by Iron Mountain.
Sean holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Assumption College.


Hylton Southey

Vice President of Sales

Hylton is responsible for leading Mailcontrol’s Sales effort and driving revenue growth.
Hylton is an experienced Sales Leader with more than twenty years of Sales and Sales Management experience. He joins MailControl from Mimecast North America where he was an integral part of building the Sales Seam in the US from scratch and driving growth for nine years through a successful IPO in 2015.
Originally from South Africa, Hylton has worked in SE Asia, South Africa and the UK.
Hylton holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Cape Town.


Janet Vargas

Director of Sales Engineering

Janet has seventeen years’ experience in cybersecurity. Janet’s past experience includes Principal Internet Security Engineer at Symantec, and Program Manager at Crossbeam prior to the acquisition by Symantec.
Prior to joining MailControl Janet held multiple positions at Mimecast most recently as VP of Customer Operations. As part of the initial start-up team in 2009, Janet was responsible for establishing and growing Customer Operations. During Mimecast’s high growth phase Janet held multiple roles including Director of Pre-Sales Engineering, Professional Services and Service Delivery.
Janet holds a BS in Business Management from Merrimack College.

Board of Directors

Timothy Eades Chief Executive Officer of vArmour Networks

For 20+ years, Tim has provided tech solutions to Fortune 100 companies and large enterprises. Previously, he was the CEO of Silver Tail Systems (acquired by EMC) and was Founder & CEO of Everyone.net (acquired by Proofpoint).

Thaddeus Wong Co-Founder of @properties

For 24+ years, Thad has been a leading figure in the Illinois real estate space. He has received several honors, most notably the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Midwest) and inclusion in Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500/5000” list.

Iain Shovlin Founder & Chairman of Guild Capital

Iain has spent 16+ years in venture capital and serves on the boards of internet tech companies including, Home Chef, TechStyle, GoHealth, and Atidiv. Prior to VC, Iain was a management consultant with Bain & Co.

Board of Advisors

Industry veterans are lending strength to our fight against Spymail

Eva Tsai Chief Marketing Officer, vArmour

With 20+ years of marketing experience, Eva has received industry awards, including the Stevie Award for Female Executive of the Year 2017 and the Wall Street Journal-sponsored Marketer That Matters™ Award 2014.

Maura O'Hara Executive Director, Illinois Venture Capital Association

Maura has spent 22+ years in venture capital, corporate strategy, marketing and customer relationship management. Maura serves on the Executive Board of 1871 and the Advisory Board of the Illinois Growth & Innovation Fund.

Patricia Morrison Chief Information Officer, Cardinal Health

With a 30-year career, Patricia specializes in managing multi-business shared services. She received the Fisher-Hopper Prize for Lifetime Achievement in CIO Leadership and was inducted to the CIO Magazine Hall of Fame in 2008.

Chris Cantrell Founder, EpicFlights

Chris has 5+ years of experience in networking and security management with focus on customer success and sales engineering. Prior to EpicFlight, he served as the CEO of Limecreek Energy. Chris also serves as an advisor to Konverse.com.

Mark Waxman Chief Marketing Officer, CBIZ

Mark has 25+ years of experience in strategic marketing communications. He has advised and/or served on the boards of Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, Myco Technology, Zenyx, Montalvo Arts Center, and MerchEngines.

Matt Reese Sr. Director of Business Development, vArmour

Matt has 16 years of experience across networking, security and virtualization technologies. He has served as a Sr Director, Business Development at White Sky and as Vice-President of Business Development at AVG.

Jordan Matyas Founder, 1818

Over 20+ years, Jordan has worked with almost all levels of government including the White House, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations, the Illinois Legislature and the Chicago Law Department.


Email Privacy Enforcement

US Patent: 9674129

Forming the core of our anti-Spymail solution, this technology helps us detect and remove suspicious tracking codes from all incoming emails, protecting the data privacy of our clients.

Client Agnostic Email Processing

US Patent: 9559997

Empowering us to protect enterprises regardless of their email client, this technology allows us to integrate with Gmail, MS Office 365 and MS Exchange.

Email Data Collection Compliance Enforcement

US Patent: 9824332

By removing tracking codes from outgoing emails, this technology ensures that enterprises do not breach data collection regulations, including GDPR.

Join our team

We are always excited to work with people passionate about cybersecurity and privacy protection. If you share our enthusiasm, let’s start a conversation right away.